Success Story 2011


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Reply Success Story 2011 Posted on: Mar 18, 2011 at 10:10pm
Our journey to have a baby began in 2008, soon after we got married. After trying with no success, we decided to see Dr. Braverman. He was highly recommended by our friends who have twins with his help. After running many tests, we learned IVF was our option. We began our first cycle in January 2009 and found out I was pregnant in March. Our happiness was short lived as we learned the pregnancy was ectopic. This was a very emotional time for us. Dr. Braverman and his staff were very supportive and confident we would have success in the future. A few months later, we started our second cycle and found out I was pregnant in July. We were so happy but very cautious. We nervously awaited our betas and then our first sono at about 5 weeks revealed we were having twins. We were beyond excited!! Our girls were born on February 27th, 2011. We have Dr. Braverman to thank for our miracle baby girls. I look at them everyday and I am amazed by them. They are the loves or our lives. Our journey was difficuly but we never gave up hope. Dr. Braverman and his staff were amazing through out this process and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts!