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Reply Posted on: May 9, 2014 at 6:47am
My wife and I were referred to Dr. Braverman ("Dr. B") by my sister-in-law and cousin based on their successful experiences. At the time we first consulted with Dr. B, my wife and I had been trying to have a baby for only a few months, however we were concerned with the fact that my wife's menstrual cycles were irregular and therefore we could not calculate her most fertile days of the month. After our first consultation in September, 2012, Dr. B diagnosed my wife with PCOS and prescribed her Metformin to help regulate her menstrual cycles. Dr. B made us feel very comfortable and confident in the fact that our issue was not severe and that with his assistance, my wife would become pregnant. Dr. B encouraged us to try to conceive on our own while taking Metformin and that we would discuss more aggressive procedures such as IUI or IVF if we were unable to conceive by ourselves. After about 6 months of taking Metformin, my wife's cycles became more regular.

We returned to Dr. B around March, 2013, as we still had not conceived. At that point Dr. B recommended we try IUI in order to increase the chances of conception. He also gave us the option to continue trying on our own if we wished. We decided to try IUI and after two IUI procedures we were unable to conceive. With Dr. B's approval we decided that we would take a few months off and continue trying to conceive on our own. Within the next two months we were thrilled to find out that we conceived naturally. Once we found out that my wife was pregnant we returned to Dr. B who monitored our baby's growth for the first 11 weeks of pregnancy. Dr. B aggressively ran numerous tests and prescribed my wife certain medications to ensure that she would have a safe and healthy pregnancy. With the grace of God, my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our healthy daughter in April, 2014.

Words can't explain how happy we are and thankful that God put such a wise, caring, and knowledgeable Doctor, such as Dr. B in our lives. Throughout the process, Dr. B always treated our case personally and with the utmost care and attention. His staff was always wonderful and they were very helpful in the event we had any questions and/or issues. Most importantly, my wife went to numerous Doctors who administered several tests and none of them were able to diagnose my wife with PCOS. Dr. B basically didn't even need to administer any tests, as from the first meeting he advised us that he thought the issue was PCOS and that he would run tests to verify his initial thoughts. My Sister-in-law also had a very similar issue, and she and her husband had undergone numerous IVF treatments and spent large sums of money prior to finding Dr. B. Based on Dr. B's assistance and knowledge, they now have two beautiful children. Dr. B's practice is not based on maximizing profits by initially recommending expensive treatments, as some other practices. Rather, Dr. B takes his time and personally analyzes each case in order to ensure that the couple reaches their goal of conceiving in the most cost-effective, timely and efficient manner.

I whole heartedly recommend Dr. B to all family, friends and strangers who are having difficulty conceiving. Whether your case is simple or complicated, rest assured that Dr. B will personally strive to ensure that you feel comfortable, confident, informed and that you will have a successful outcome. Furthermore, his experience, knowledge and ability to think "outside of the box" sets him apart from all other fertility doctors and specialists. We are very thankful to Dr. Braverman and his entire staff, and we look forward to introducing our daughter to them in the future.