Such a great experience from start to FINISH!!


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Reply Such a great experience from start to FINISH!! Posted on: Sep 26, 2010 at 9:05pm
I can't begin to tell you how great my experience was from start to finish with Dr. Braverman and his amazing staff. My husband and I came for an initial visit and we were at ease from the start. The whole feeling in the office was of ease and confidence. We truly felt that they took a personal interest in us. While healthy my whole life, I never realized that I had any fertility issues. He sent me for loads of tests and it came back that there were thyroid issues, polysystic issues, blood clotting issues...on an on... apparently!
He and Sandra (the loveliest person!!!!) had me in and out, taking tests, doing the injections all the while at ease. If they were stumped with my issues I had no idea b/c immediately there was a treatment we hadn't tried yet. So all the while Im thinking "ok, just tell me what to do and I'll do it". After the 1st usuccessful embryo transfer, they figured out I should do lipid infusion treatments. It worked!!!! We were pregnant with a boy!!! So then he told me that I was going to begin to see another dr. to monitor my pregnancy. I REALLY didnt want to go. For over a year I was almost weekly in his office!!! And to be honest I never doubted he and his staff would know what to do to help us. Sandra even took calls at 10pm on a Saturday b/c I wasnt sure of something.
When I went to the next specialist I learned about my placenta issues, getational diabetes and- oh yea- my cervix was incompetant...needed to have a "stitch" put it to "save the pregnancy". Again, on and on, but I was lucky (in my eyes) that I was going back to Dr Braverman's office monthly b/c my thyroid Dr and he share the office. Dr. Barandes was another wonderful, sweet and easy going person who again made these issues seem minor. Whether they were or not, I got to see the staff and still kept in touch during my pregnancy.
Daniel was born a month early, perfectly healthy and I have brought him in for visits. He is always happy, smiling, engaging, eats and sleeps like a dream! We couldn't ask for a more wonderful child!

I am so pleased to have had not only a successful pregnancy but the experience throughout made a HUGE difference.