Supplements and Natural Remedies for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Dr. Braverman discusses the use of supplements for the treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss and why their use should be tailored to the diagnosed condition.

Supplements have become a very important part of our treatment process here at Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology. Supplements can be looked at one of two ways – either they are given no credit at all or people place far too much significance in their use. So it is important to look at supplements the same way you would as any other medication that you would order from a pharmacy. I have gone into the mechanisms of each of the syndromes that we deal with here at my practice and we have found supplements that assist us in our treatments. It's really important that you shouldn't just go out and get supplements because somebody told you these are supplements that are great for fertility, because the supplement regime that you use really needs to be uniquely tailored for the problem that is being treated.

As an example some of our patients with PCOS we have described elsewhere on the website have a very marketed inflammatory component and we have supplements such as antioxidants, even omega fish oils, that significantly reduce inflammation. We have other syndromes where we are trying to improve the egg quality maybe because the patients have an autoimmune oophoritis. We have found the melatonin actually helps to decrease the white blood cell count on these follicles. There are other supplements used to actually assist with thickening of the uterine lining, perfusion to the uterine lining.

Well, if all of these are correctly tailored and correctly supplied during the treatment process, we have really found great benefit. Even in patients with endometriosis when we can reduce the tumor necrosis factor level, we have seen significant improvement the quality and quantity of eggs that are produced and again, antioxidants and omega-3s have been excellent for this. Well, in some patients who don't have an inflammatory component but are routinely placed on anti-inflammatories, it can actually interfere with development of the egg or with implantation. So it is very important that if you are going to be using supplements to treat any of your fertility issues and certainly here in our practice that you wait until you get complete identification on what the cause of the recurrent pregnancy loss or the failure to conceive is and then get a list of supplements that are directly tailored to the cause of your problem.

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