Testing after 2nd Miscarriage?


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Reply Posted on: Jan 9, 2013 at 10:49am
I am on my fourth pregnancy, second miscarriage. With my first pregnancy the only complication I had was gestational diabetes that was managed through diet. My son is now 3. My second pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 7 wks. We never saw a heart beat and my OBGYN suspected it was a molar pregnancy. The pathology came back negative though. We were able to conceive again right away and with my third pregnancy I had gestational diabetes again. This time I required insulin to manage my fasting blood sugar. My son is now 16 months. My fourth pregnancy just ended in miscarriage last week. We saw the heart beat of 100 bpm at 6 wks (although I measured 2 wks behind). At the 8 wk ultrasound there had been no growth at all and the heart beat was gone. We did not have the products of conception tested since we did not even know that was possible. My OBGYN never mentioned anything about it.I saw in a previous post that you recommended a workup once there is a loss of a fetal heart beat in any pregnancy if it was not proven that the loss was genetic. Since we cannot prove that the loss was genetic and since I technically have not experienced recurrent miscarriage since I had a healthy pregnancy between the two miscarriages, would you recommend testing for me?Thanks so much.

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RE: Testing after 2nd Miscarriage? Posted on: Jan 10, 2013 at 6:06am
Yes I would as well as other testing related to your insulin resistance(the casue of gestational diabetes) this is a very common cause of your issues as well. But even without genetic testing if you lost a heart beat you need a workup , these can all be prevented. I would be happy to assist you.
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