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Reply Thank You Dr. Braverman Posted on: Jul 9, 2011 at 3:52am
I'm so happy I found these boards because I feel like I need to post to express how thankful I am for Dr. Braverman and his staff (especially Sandra and Judy!).

After experiencing one natural pregnancy I never thought I would end up in a fertility specialists office when trying for baby--2 but I was wrong. After 6 months of trying nothing was happening so I decided to contact Dr. Braverman's office.

When I called the office to schedule a consultation I was shocked to be put on hold and put straight through to Dr. Braverman! In my life I'd never gotten to speak directly to a Dr. before I was even a patient. Dr. Braverman listened to my story and told me to make an appointment so we could see what was going on. He was so personable from the start, I instantly had a good feeling.

We began sonograms (and bad jokes LOL!) immediately and decided to try IUIs. 4 months of that and nothing. Not pregnant each and every time. We concluded that something was not working and that we would need to do IVF. My first round of IVF was successful. I was finally pregnant. Then I began to spot. The spotting soon became bleeding. We concluded I was having a chemical pregnancy. Then Dr. Braverman called me on a Saturday night. (yes, Dr. Braverman is always thinking of his patients, even on Saturday nights.) My beta levels were still rising, he felt that the pregnancy was ectopic. Dr. Braverman consulted with my OB and the ectopic was taken care of. He was there to talk to by both phone and email anytime I needed, as was Sandra. The staff was extrememly supportive and caring. They called to check on me the next day. Dr. Braverman promised me that I would have a baby in my arms in the future.

Fast forward to IVF --2. Successful, pregnant again. Here's where things got interested. At 7 weeks while on the LIRR I start to feel pressure on one side and I'm spotting. I literally get back on a train to return home as soon as I get off and meet my husband immediatly and go to Dr. Braverman's office. I get there before the office is even open. I have no appointment but am freaking out. The girls try to calm me down and take me right away. Dr. Braverman does a sono where I am positive he is going to tell me I am having another ectopic.... All of the sudden he tells me he sees one pregnancy in the uterus. I am positive the the other egg that was transferred is in the tubes. As he is looking for it he tells me I found the other one.... It was in the uterus too. TWINS! I was pregnant with twins!

My twin pregnancy was not easy. One thing that stands out to me took place one night after I had seen Dr. Braverman that day. It was like 9pm and I received an email from him with a suggestion to ease some of the nausua I was experiencing. Dr. Braverman was still thinking of me that night. He is amazing like that.

When I was released into the care of my OB I felt like it was bittersweet. I had to say goodbye to Dr. Braverman and his staff who had been so amazing through my journey. I will never forget them.

My twins are 6 months old now. With 3 kids my family is complete and I have Braverman Infertility to thank.