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Reply The BEST Doctor!! Posted on: Jul 15, 2011 at 10:27pm
My husband and are so very grateful to Dr. B and to his staff. We began seeing him after having zero sucess with a large fertility practice in Suffolk County. After our first consultation with Dr. B it be came apparent that his practice should have been our first stop.

Dr. B was so much more insightful than the previous practice we visited. He was so informative regarding my diagnosis and treatment of PCOS. He discovered that I had several clotting issues that could possibly lead to miscarriage. He quickly addressed the issues which avoided unnecessary complications. My husbands insurance carrier did not cover infertility, which was very stressful. Dr B's office made the experience more pleasant. They even donated medications to me when I ran out. We chose IVF because we wanted to be as aggresive as possible. Dr B was not pushy and was completely supportive of our choice.

After seeing Dr. B for only a few months my husband and I became successful with our first IVF attempt. He followed me for the first few weeks of my pregnancy. During this time he eased all of my anxieties and answered all of my questions. When I was released to my OB/GYN it was so bittersweet. I even told Dr. B that I wish he could deliver my baby!

Dr. Braverman is a miracle worker in my eyes. Dr. B and his staff really, really care about their patients and they make dealing with infertility a little bit easier. He is the most accessible doctor I have ever dealt with and probably ever will. I totally recommend him to anyone dealing with infertility, you WILL NOT be dissapointed. Thanks to Dr. Braverman I sit here looking at my beatiful baby boy! Can't wait to go back for -- 2!!