Thrombosis and Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage Causes: Blood Clotting Problems

If a woman suffers from thrombosis, which is a condition characterized by abnormal clotting of the blood, this can cause problems with the implantation of the embryo and its subsequent growth, and even with labor and birth. During the embryo implantation process, the tendency for clotting can work directly against the necessary creation of blood vessels in the embryo. The formation of clots in these vessels can easily cause miscarriage. When proper blood flow through the developing placenta is prevented, this can also cause early miscarriages, as well as late pregnancy complications. These complications include such issues as fetal growth restriction, toxemia, fetal distress in labor and at times, stillbirth.

There are many causes of thrombosis, some which are present at birth and some which are acquired later. Our medical team, led by Dr. Jeffery Braverman, has developed a detailed testing profile which may uncover clotting issues that were overlooked by other physicians. When these are known to exist the correct treatment can be administered to assist you with your conception and pregnancy. In most cases, this consists of a simple under the skin injection of a blood thinner called Lovenox or Heparin. Some patients who were diagnosed with "thrombophilia" and treated with Lovenox may still fail to successfully complete a pregnancy. Many times these patients are found to have co-existing immunologic issues as well as there is tremendous overlap between these two systems in the body. Treatment for either or both of these conditions can significantly reduce the risk of miscarriage and allow for the successful completion of a pregnancy.

Treatment for Multiple Miscarriages

Determining exactly what needs to be addressed in order to correct your trouble with conception or pregnancy is a vital function which is often not thoroughly completed prior patients presenting to our office. We will use all the tools at our disposal in order to identify and treat your particular condition. We have been voted the best infertility practice on Long Island three years in a row in an independent poll by Long Island Press and can work with patients anywhere in the world.

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