Today I'm holding my son, thanks to Dr. Braverman!


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Reply Today I'm holding my son, thanks to Dr. Braverman! Posted on: Sep 13, 2010 at 5:42pm
My husband and I got married in May 2008 and since we were not in our 20's anymore we knew we wanted to start a family soon. But we wanted to do things the right way. 1st buy a house then making babies...So in the Summer of 2008 we started looking for a house. In November 2008 for our surprise we found out we were pregnant, we were in shock but very excited at the same time, we weren't actually trying yet but whatever we were happy. Went for beta blood work in December and it was confirmed, In January I went for a sonogram, saw only a sac...the next appointment we were supposed to see a heartbeat but unfortunately no heartbeat...Dr. did another blood work and we found out my beta numbers were dropping. Dr. called to break the bad news...not a viable pregnancy. It was the hardest thing to hear...I broke down in tears. A few days later I started miscarrying on my own, it was the most physically and mental pain I have ever felt in my life, it was just a nightmare.

After this horrible event we decided that the best thing to overcome this was to try again...We then heard that miscarriages were way more common that we thought. 1 out of 3 pregnant women miscarry.

In April 2009 we found out we were pregnant again, instead of jumping for joy I was terrified...Went to the Dr. did the blood work thing, it was confirmed, the first appointment we only saw the sac and the following we were suppose to see the embryo and hear the heartbeat but that never happened...I was miscarrying again. My Dr. asked me to have a D&C done so they could try and find out what was causing this...May 2009 I had the D&C, what a horrible painful experience. I swore I was never going to have anything like that done again, never! The results from the D&C came back as normal but my Dr. advised us to see a specialist.

That was when I found a wonderful Infertility support group online where I made friends with many wonderful woman who struggle with Infertility and heard raves about this phenomenal infertility Dr. on Long island that specialized in recurrent miscarriages. I knew I HAD to see this miracle man. So I made an appointment and thank God he was under our insurance. We went for our first appointment and left the office completely positive and with our brain burning with so much information...what a great Dr., we knew we were in good hands...

So Dr. Braverman ran every single test under the moon....I had 50+ vials of blood taken, hysteroscopy, ultrasounds, genetic testings and so did my husband...It took us about 2 months to have everything back and done so we could find out what was going on and what the plan would be....

In July we got the results back and the Dr. B found out I had elevated natural killer's a quick definition: " NK cells view the embryo as a cancer and decide to take action. Once the embryo has been identified as an "invader", your NK cells will multiply in number in order to have more killing power. They will then attach to the embryo and kill it in the same way they would kill any other cell. Because this is not a typical response of the immune system, it is likely that you will experience multiple miscarriages due to NK cells. However, with a proper diagnosis and treatment, it is possible to successfully achieve pregnancy." Anyways, Dr. B has come up with a plan, yay! For the natural killer cells he prescribed predisone, intralipids (which is an IV that is done once a month) and tons of fish oil and an antioxidant.

So August come and we get excited to start our new and first medicated cycle...And yes we got pregnant, but my beta numbers were really low, so Dr. B wasn't too optmistic that this would be a viable pregnancy. Went for another beta test 2 days later and the numbers dropped and so did my heart. I was devasted since I thought this time would work since we found the problem and were treating...I was way too confident and hopeful I guess. A few days after I miscarried again..and now what? what's left? what's the plan? will I ever be able to be positive about this whole new thing again? At that point I wasn't...but few weeks later I decided I wasn't let this win me over. I wanted a baby and I knew I was going to have one. I won't lose the battle, I'll fight harder....I'll fight for me and for my amazing husband that wants this as much as I do.

So we go back to see Dr. Braverman who had a very positive attitude and a new plan for us and lifted our spirits back again...The new plan starts with new blood work and new testing. We also had to go for Genetic Counseling to see if there was a chromosomal issue. But it was so amazing to see how caring Dr. B was through the whole thing...he would not let us lose hope.

It took about 6 weeks to get the results back and the genetics came back normal, thank GOD! But Dr. B found some blood clotting issues on me therefore he prescribed a daily shot of Lovenox and baby aspirin.

So November comes and we start a new cycle since the last miscarriage in August. Every cycle is a busy one, we start with a injection to stimm my ovaries and some meds that will help me produce more eggs that way more chances on getting pregnant and then on the fourth day i take another shot to trigger and I ovulate on that particular day. The day after we trigger we just get busy (the baby making thing way, if you know what I mean?) for 4 days in a row! Yes like the bunnies do . I'm still taking the lovenox shots (my husband is loving playing Dr. and brusing my belly every night, just kidding he got much better and I haven't bruised as much) I'm still taking the predisone twice a day, baby aspirin and progesterone. Dr. B decided to hold on the Intralipids until I get pregnant since it's very expensive and it's not covered by insurance. Anyways, after we triggered we have to wait 2 weeks! It's the longest 2 weeks ever....the day I had to go for my beta I was very sick with a horrible cough. The beta was negative and he prescribed an antiobiotic so I could recover from my cough.

December comes, I feel better and ready for another cycle...So here we go doing everything all over again and crossing our fingers..can we get this for Christmas/Hannukah this time??? Please??? We did what we could and now the 2 week wait begins....

12/28 I go for my first beta in the morning and at 4:30pm while I was walking in the city with my grandparents to see the Christmas show I get the most amazing was Dr. B and he said I was VERY pregnant that my beta was 220 and progesterone 40, he said those numbers were excellent. Oh man did I want to scream in the middle of 6th Avenue??? So 48 hours later I go for another beta to make sure the numbers were doubling...Dr. B calls me and it says that the numbers went to 350, he wasn't too excited since they didnt double but he said it was good that at least it went up, I was kind of bummed out and started praying like crazy because I just couldnt handle another miscarriage...Dr. B asked me to do an Intralipids which I did on New Year's Eve. And he asked me to come on January 2nd for another beta, so I went. My husband came with me and we were both praying...At 6pm on that Saturday I get Dr. B's call, I was shaking but he said the numbers were really high in the 1700 and progesterone was over 100, he said the second beta was probably wrong and he said with high numbers like that he was suspicious there was more than one in there...Now we have to wait a week to go for our first sono.....oh that wait was another killer....

So the day finally comes on 1/11 we had our first sono. We saw 2 sacs but one was empty and the other one was fine with an tiny little embryo ..We were both ecstatic but keeping it on the down low...

01/18 went for my second sono and baby was measuring 6 weeks and 4 days and the hearbeat was 148!!! and we got a due date of 09-09-2010

01/25 went for the third sono, 8 weeks 1 day, everything looks perfect, thank YOU GOD and Dr. Braverman!

02/01 went for fourth sono, 9 weeks, right on time and looking great. Today we got released from Dr. Braverman. We're so thankful for him and we love him deeply, what Dr. calls you on a Saturday or during the week at 11pm to give you test results??? What Dr. emails you and text you back and forth to answer every little question and worry you have? And that happened so MANY times. I've never seen such a caring Dr. He is truly amazing and he deserves all the success he has.

It was definitely a long rough journey but so worth it and from now on the story will only gets better...

On August 31, 2010 our son Jack Benjamin was was the most perfect day with a perfect baby. My life is complete now and I'm beyond in love with our little man, it is just amazing to be able to hold your own baby. Thank you Dr. B, we LOVE you!


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Re: Today I'm holding my son, thanks to Dr. Braverman! Posted on: Oct 2, 2010 at 12:45am
I have the chills reading your story!!!! That is amazing!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! My son is also a miracle baby thanks to Dr. Braverman.....He was born Aug 31, 2009.....