Causes of Miscarriage: Toxic Exposure

There are many toxins which can have an adverse effect on your ability to conceive and complete a successful pregnancy. Unfortunately, the model lifestyle can make it incredibly difficult to avoid contact with many of these toxins but an awareness of the effect they may be having on your health is the first step to resolving the situation. Specific toxins which may cause multiple miscarriages include BPAs (from plastics containers), lead, chemotherapeutic agents, and industrial compounds (which include some polyurethane floor coverings). Significant consumption of drugs or alcohol, or regular smoking can also cause issues that affect your ability to complete a successful pregnancy.

When you work with Dr. Braverman, our team will conduct a thorough battery of tests to detect the presence of any dangerous toxins in your system. We will also take a detailed medical history and seek to discover any areas of substantial contact with these types of toxins. Once we have established the presence of particular toxins, we can develop a program to eliminate them or reduce their effects as much as possible. We also always encourage our smokers to quit; we understand that it can be difficult but consider it well worth it for the effect it may have on your ability to achieve your goals as regards your family.

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