Treatment miscarriages


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Reply Posted on: Jan 7, 2015 at 8:16am
Dear doctor Braverman,
After various mc I have moved to embryodonation (ovocytes didn't test well for PGD). I have had in 3 trials 1 positve test with HCG at 65 after 12 days after blastocyte transfer. Then 4 days later mc. This transfer and the other 2 were done with intralipids before ET.
My NK values:
C19, CD5+ 19.5
IFN 26,3
all other values ok.

Do I need to move to Ivig?
Do you know how to test blood to monitor the values in Italy (Milan)?


Dr. Braverman

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RE: Treatment miscarriages Posted on: Jan 7, 2015 at 9:49am
You do not have enough information to make a decision about the use of IVIG. You would need a complete immune profile. We can arrange this for you from Italy and get it sent to our lab here in the States. Best would be to complete a consult request and we will schedule a free 10 minute chat to review your case.
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