Treatment for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

In certain cases, a woman's immune system can malfunction, or engage in abnormal activity that affects her ability to remain pregnant. This can occur in a variety of ways, but the common denominator is that of the immune system attacking the newly implanted embryo and causing a miscarriage or a missed abortion. If the immune related issue is not treated or cured, it is not unlikely that every subsequent effort to become pregnant will also eventually end in miscarriage. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments for immune related infertility, including:

  • Prednisone – This is an anti-inflammatory steroid that can suppress harmful immune response to an embryo and allow a pregnancy to proceed.
  • IVIG – This is a blood product administered intravenously that binds to the surface of an embryo and acts as a shield against harmful immune response.
  • Vitamin D3 –Vitamin D possesses anti-inflammatory benefits and has been shown to lower TH1 cytokine levels, which can blunt or suppress immune response. TH1 cytokines are proteins that aid in immune system function.
  • Intralipids therapy – Intralipids are a mix of fatty acids ("good fats" that are produced when fats break down) that can serve to suppress immune system function when administered intravenously in the proper dosage.

There are also additional treatments available for those who experienced a blighted ovum, those who suffer from unexplained infertility, as well as those who've experienced an early miscarriage, failed IVF cycle, a spontaneous abortion or even a chemical pregnancy. Some methods of these treatments include, but are not limited to Neupogen, Lovenox, Humira, paternal leukocyte injection, G-CSF, as well as other future therapies.

Solutions for Multiple Miscarriages

For further information on treatments that may facilitate you in getting pregnant after a miscarriage, contact Dr. Braverman right away. Dr. Braverman is a specialist in reproductive immunology, and he maintains a private practice that helps those struggling with immune related infertility. Our practice is staffed with knowledgeable individuals who are able to provide you with comprehensive answers to your questions. If you are seeking treatment for a condition related to recurrent pregnancy loss, we are available to help you. Dr. Braverman will manage your case from start to finish, and will seek a resolution in which your condition is halted and you are able to successfully maintain a pregnancy.

Looking for treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss? Contact Dr. Braverman today for professional medical assistance in your multiple miscarriage case.