Trying to conceive #2 against the odds


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Reply Posted on: Jan 11, 2013 at 7:48am
Hi Dr. B,

I am now a 43 yo female. I saw you in your office for a consult and sonogram several years ago (approx age at that time 39) following 3 natural pregnancies and 3 losses - one was a chemical, one was a blighted ovum (testing showed a chromosomally normal female but I think they tested my tissue), one was a male T16. The pregnancies and losses happened over a period of 7 months.

I should also add that I have had a full immune workup and am heterozygous for MTHFR (take extra folic acid) and tested slightly high for NK cells (and thus get intralipd infusions as necessary). Nothing else was found on my immune workup although my husband also has low motility and a high level of fragmentation and takes multivatamins, etc.

We then went on to have 3 IVF's - one at SIRM with PGD which resulted in 11 complex abnormal embryos; another at SIRM with no testing and only one transferred resulting in no pregnancy, and one at CCRM with CGH resulting in no normals (but all 3 blasts tested only had one chromosomal abnormality each as compared to the PGD report from SIRM IVF #1).

All of our karyotyping was normal and a genetic consult with a geneticist at Columbia encouraged us to forego ART as much as possible and keep trying naturally. The dismal PGD report from IVF #1 was considered a fluke and also blamed upon the fact that my (at that time) soon to be deployed husband had just had numerous innoculations prior to giving his sperm sample. I was also on 600 of gonal-f and it is also thought that maybe that was too high and damaged my eggs (even more than normal).

Prior to trying our last IVF with CCRM, I underwent a "detox" diet, continued acupuncture, and did the antioxidant cocktail as recommended by CCRM - myoinositol, COQ10, and melatonin for several months. The month before what was to be our last IVF attempt, I became pregnant naturally again and had my miracle son in March of '11 with no issues during the pregnancy whatsoever. Was it related to the detox diet and the cocktail or was it just my time? We will never know...

Now, against the odds of my age and apparantly already higher than normal number of chromosomally abnormal eggs, we are TTC #2. My husband does not want to go down the medical road again as he feels we always had better luck naturally. I am torn as IVF would at least help me produce more eggs at a time although historically the resulting eggs/embryos were not of good quality.

I have been taking the same cocktail as before and I just had another unassited pregnancy end at 8 weeks with a D&C after the heartbeat stopped at 7W5D. I am waiting for testing results but the facts point towards aneuploidy as the betas stopped doubling normally and the pregnancy dated a week and a half behind and the heartbeat was late to start and then was low once it did start (I was being watched closely and had lots of u/s's).

If you've made it all the way here, thank you!! I know it is tedious but my question is is there hope at my age with my history and if so should I try the cocktail again with new additions of maxi flavone and maxi marine? Would you encourage IVF or continue to TTC naturally since we are still getting pregnant?

Unfortunately I am unable to travel to see you right now as my husband is again on active duty and I work full time and have the little one...

Thank you for any input you may have; I know how well thought of you are and how many women you have helped.



Dr. Braverman

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RE: Trying to conceive #2 against the odds Posted on: Jan 11, 2013 at 8:39am
I am very sorry for all of your difficulties. Here are my thoughts. First I would stop wtih PGG/CGH as there is a strong likelihood that some that are being reported as abnormal may still give you normal babies so when there are so few to begin with I think you reduce our chances overall with the PGD.
Yes if you are getting pregnant naturaly and havent had success with IVF which would have been my first choice, I would stay with natural. Yes without testing I would advise you do both the maxiflavone and maxigreens along with Mitochondrial optimizers you can find all this at the same website for the maxiflavone (

Good Luck, I know this is a difficult time for you .
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