Uterine Abnormalities & Recurrent Miscarriages

There are various types of uterine abnormalities that can cause difficulty with conception or successfully completing a pregnancy. Some of these are present at birth and some may be caused later in life by other factors, such as surgical procedures. Identifying the presence of any of these abnormalities opens the door for its correction and is a treatment for multiple miscarriages. Some of these conditions include:

  • Congenital defects that are present at birth such as unicornuate, bicornuate and uterine septums. These can generally be detected in a simple in-office procedure using a small, flexible camera and usually no anesthesia. Most of these conditions can be easily treated surgically.
  • Having a T-shaped uterus. In most cases, this is caused by the patient's mother having taken DES during pregnancy. Although this condition cannot be surgically repaired, it does not eliminate the chance of a successful conception. IVF may be needed and however conception is achieved, these high risk pregnancies require close monitoring.
  • Adhesions on the uterine cavity. These may be caused by a dilatation and curettage, although they are fortunately not a common risk of the procedure. Although the procedure can be difficult, cutting the adhesions to restore the cavity to its regular state may be an option.
  • Cervical incompetence, wherein a weakened cervix can open usually in the second trimester and cause late losses. A stitch placed in the cervix early in the pregnancy can correct this in most cases.
  • Thin uterine lining. This can lead to a failure to conceive, early loss of pregnancy or late pregnancy complications. Therapies exist to significantly improve this condition.

Treatment for Recurring Pregnancy Loss

At Dr. Braverman's office, we will consult with you on your medical history and conduct any needed tests to ensure we are addressing the factor causing the problem. We feel strongly about helping you achieve a successful pregnancy and will happily answer your questions and work closely with you in pursuit of this goal.