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Reply Very high AMH level Posted on: Dec 17, 2010 at 10:09am
I am hoping to start IVF. I have had an internal ultra sound that found several small cysts but my doctor was not too concerned about this. However when I had all my blood tests the results all came back fine except that my AMH level was 96.4. My doctor said he is stumped as he has never seen such a high result . I will be 36 next month and my doctor has told me he is very concerned that if my ovaries are stimulated it is a very possible that my ovaries will be over stimulated and I will become quite sick. What would you suggest my next step should be?

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Re: Very high AMH level Posted on: Dec 17, 2010 at 4:37pm
First I would repeat the test to be sure it is accurate. Second you can do the IVF but you would need to do a Lupron trigger which almost completely eliminates the risk of hyperstimulation syndrome. In order to do this you cannot be on lupron at all prior to the trigger(egg releasing) shot.
In our experience we have not had a single case of hyperstimulation syndrome with lupron release. Also you need to be screened for insulin resistance and PCOS as these are common cuases of elevated AMH and failure to be treated can lead to poor egg quality regardless of the number of eggs you get.

good luck! let me know if i can be of further service to you.
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