Miscarriage Treatment: Vitamin D3 Therapy

New research shows that vitamin D3 is capable of helping women who are trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage. It has anti-inflammatory benefits which may assist the embryo during the early stages of development, by decreasing the activity of natural killer cells and T cells, two factors in the mother's immune system which are known to contribute to recurrent miscarriage. Its effects are very similar to a naturally-occurring cellular substance which is produced for the regular maintenance of pregnancy. We recommend to our patients who pursue this therapy to take between 2000 and 4000 IU daily.

Vitamin D3 may be the focus of your program or it may be used in combination with another treatment. Dr. Braverman will consult with you to determine which of the causes of miscarriage needs to be addressed in order to help you. He will work with our team in developing a unique program that you can follow from anywhere in the world, with the assistance of a local doctor. After fully explaining your program to you and your partner, he will make sure that every aspect of the treatment, which may include vitamin D3 supplements, is executed properly. Soon, you should be pregnant, at which point Dr. Braverman will stay in touch and help you through the initial 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Getting Pregnant After Recurrent Miscarriages

Our practice is the only one authorized to use the name "reproductive immunology" in the state of New York, and we have been voted the best infertility clinic in Long Island over the past three years. Dr. Braverman has achieved great success in treating infertility and he is determined to help couples from all over the world take advantage of his knowledge and ability. This unique approach signifies our dedication to helping women attain success after multiple miscarriages.