What is Immunology?

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Immunology is the science that deals with the immune system, how it works and the effects it has within the body. The overall function of the immune system has to do with keeping the body healthy and disease free. In order to do this, it detects any cells in the body which are foreign and do not belong to the body itself, then sets about disabling or destroying them in order to keep the body safe from these invaders. Viruses, bacteria and other entities are fought by the immune system in this way.

When a woman conceives, the embryo is made up of half of her DNA and half of the father's DNA. As every person's DNA is slightly different, the immune system detects certain foreign characteristics in the embryo. In most cases, however, this does not cause a problem as one arm of the immune system is well advanced and able to counteract any potentially harmful immune attack upon the embryo or fetus by other arms of the immune system. It uses complex, natural mechanisms to suppress the activity of the attacking arm of the immune system and this helps to protect the embryo itself.

The problem arises when the immune system is not functioning as it should and therefore fails to alter its operation and the attacking arm is not suppressed. It then attacks the embryo or fetus and in this way is one of the reasons for chemical miscarriages or multiple miscarriages.

Reproductive Immunology: Success After Multiple Miscarriages

Dr. Braverman and our team are intimately familiar with the many immunologic issues which can cause complications in pregnancy and are dedicated to helping you resolve any barriers to expanding your family. If you have experienced recurrent miscarriage, Dr. Braverman can help. We are the only practice that has been authorized to use the name Reproductive Immunology in New York State as this required proof of expertise to be provided in reproductive medicine and immunology to the New York State Department of Education.

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