What is your opinion on Dr. Toth's treatment?


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Reply What is your opinion on Dr. Toth's treatment? Posted on: Jan 2, 2011 at 9:12pm
Dr. Braverman,
I would love to get your opinion on Dr. Toth's treatments for bacteria/pathogens/infections being the root cause for Infertility, and consequently, immune responses. I know he believes treating the root problem with antibiotics will eradicate the infection...allowing the immune system to calm down and allow conception.

You've been so great at explaining things...I'm just at the point where I am feeling responsible for my infertility and immune issues. Are my issues (PCO, Endo, high NK, Psoriasis) because of an untreated STD? Or did things not get cleared up when I had Pnemonia earlier in life? I know this is a stretch. My brain just keeps wanting a 'cause' for the immune system 'effects'.

Thank you so much.

Dr. Braverman

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Re: What is your opinion on Dr. Toth's treatment? Posted on: Jan 3, 2011 at 12:59am
When discussing another doctors therapy I prefer to speak privately. Feel free to call me and I would be happy to review his diagnosis and treatment plan with you. Please understand there is no one "root" cause for infertility. You touch upon many possible etiologies for immune activation. Old infection has been implicated as a potent long term activator of NK cell activity. But again there are so many others. Psoriasis as an autoimmune disorder may have an impact on the embryos ability to generate immune tolerance as well. The PCO you mentioned also has crossover activity with both the immune and thrombotic systems.
I look forward to speaking with you Im sure I can help you sort this out.
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