When all hope was gone, Dr. B was there...


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Reply Posted on: Nov 13, 2012 at 12:25pm
In my first call with Dr. Braverman, he told me, "I know you won't believe it until you're holding that baby in your arms, but I'm going to make it happen for you." Well, I am now holding my sweet Nathaniel in my arms, and I believe it.

After getting pregnant easily with my first son and having an uneventful pregnancy with him, I never thought I would go through 4 heartbreaking losses after him, including 2 missed miscarriages at 12 weeks and 17 weeks(after good growth on ultrasounds, strong heartbeats, etc.) When my 12 week loss came back as a chromosomally normal boy, I knew something was wrong. I researched and thankfully found Dr. Braverman.

He found 5 HLA matches between my husband and myself and started me on Neupogen at ovulation. Through his thorough monitoring, we also found that my TNF had spiked at 8 weeks of pregnancy and it was treated with prednisone.

I know that without Dr. Braverman's cutting edge treatments and testing, Nathaniel would not be here. Thank you so much for my miracle, Dr. B!