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Reply Posted on: Mar 18, 2015 at 3:17am
Hi Dr Braverman,

I saw this article and wondered what your thoughts were. It's about a trial looking at endometrial biopsies for women with early or late implatnation windows.

I'm already a patient of yours trying for a second child. (You gave us our beautiful daughter!). Although my issues are most likely endo egg quality problems, I was interested in this in general terms.

It made me think....(I don't know if this is linked to the topic of the article) do you ever freeze and delay transfers for a natural cycle to increase implantation? I've read about clinics who activiely choose to do this as they think the endometrium will be more receptive. Could an ivf cycle mess with the normal implantation window? Just trying to understand.

Thank you!


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RE: Your thoughts on this article! Posted on: Mar 18, 2015 at 9:20am
There is no data on the usefullness of these tests when being treated for immune issues. Most likley immunotherapy corrects implanation defects and lengthens windows. I have not found use for these in our practice, but in Practices with no immune therapies I think this could help.
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