Our Success Rates

Correct Diagnoses and Treatment Plans the First Time

As a full-service IVF center, Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology has been able to successfully treat and manage thousands of IVF and IUI cycles for over two decades. During this time, we have been able to successfully diagnose the causes of previous IVF failures and have been able to implement a timely treatment for patients suffering from these types of problems. Unique to our practice is our constant readiness to accept all patients who come to the facility seeking help. Regardless of case history and future chances of success, we are willing to take on those cases from which other centers might typically shy away from and refuse to treat.

Included in this scope of practice are patients who suffer from elevated FSH levels, prior IVF failures and those with a history of previous miscarriages. In fact, these patients make up the majority of patient population that we treat. Except for the cases in which a patient is unable to make an egg, the majority of individuals who are treated at our facility are able to leave with a child - no matter whether they required IVF treatment or whether we were able to treat them with more natural methods, including IUI or ovulation monitoring.

Proven Success

For the past 25 years, we have successfully played an integral role in the management of IVF and IUI cycles for thousands of individuals. Many of these cases are those which were passed on to the center based on their complicated nature. Our practice does not turn away a single patient and still, we are able to yield impressively successful results. Our success has led us to being voted the best infertility clinic in Long Island for three consecutive years.

Our staff provides a thorough review and assessment of each patient's infertility issues and case history. In addition, every patient is presented with a tailor made approach for the protocol that will be taken during their in vitro fertilization treatments. As no two individuals are alike, no two cycles can ever be expected to be exactly the same and we do not ever suggest or recommend a "cookie cutter" protocol. Instead, great care is taken to develop plans which will be closely monitored and adjusted as needed while patients continue through their IVF or IUI cycles. It is by this type of individualized attention and focus that have consistently led to our high level of success. .