10 losses between 4-19 weeks...


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Reply Posted on: Nov 1, 2016 at 6:53pm
Hi Dr. Braverman. My husband and I have been pregnant ten times (naturally) in three years. We are currently cycling with a doctor that doesn't believe in immunology issues and rpl. His belief is that I'm "super fertile" which is allowing all embryos to implant, including unhealthy ones. Our son was 18 weeks when we found out that his heart stopped. We lost our next pregnancy at 4 weeks. Then carried our daughter for 19 weeks. We've lost 7 more after her, all at 4 weeks...with blood test confirmation. Hubby and I had karotype testing and all was normal. Our daughter was flagged for trisomy 18, as my/her papp a and hcg was in the first percentile at 10 weeks. So she was tested with materniT21 at 12-13 weeks and was deemed chromosomally normal. I have tried progesterone, lovenox, baby aspirin and intralipids with the last four pregnancies. We currently have 2 pgs healthy embryos waiting on a transfer, but I'm terrified of miscarrying again. What would your recommendations be??
Rpl has consumed our last three years. 10 losses between 4-19 weeks. Hubby 30. Me 34.

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RE: 10 losses between 4-19 weeks... Posted on: Nov 3, 2016 at 6:49am
We need to have a SKYPE or phone consult, this is most likely an antibody mediated issue and ILs will not help. It requires a very detailed workup . Fill out a consult form on the website and Kim will schedule a free call with me to discuss your case in detail. Im sure I can help you.
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