3rd Early Miscarriage in 1 year - No Explanation


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Reply Posted on: Jul 6, 2017 at 12:35pm
Dr. Braverman,My husband and I are both 32 and live in Charlotte, NC. I am currently going through a third consecutive miscarriage in one year. First and second pregnancies stopped developing at 6 weeks, this current one is at 4 weeks. I was prescribed Cronine 8% and baby asprin for this last pregnancy, but somehow it's the pregnancy that has lasted the least amount of time. I have become pregnant naturally within 1-2 months each try. My RE in Charlotte could not find anything wrong with me, and suggested IVF with PGS testing. However, I amworried it will also fail. I had surgery for endometriosis after my first loss, but the surgeon said the fibroids/inflammation were not on my ovaries or tubes. Current ultrasound shows thick uterine lining and no bleeding. My regular OBGYN said I had a heterozygous mutation of MTHFR, so I'd been taking 4m of natural folate acid for 4 months but that didn't seem to do the trick either. Please let me know if you have treated similar cases, and if there is any hope we will be able to have a healthy baby. I just can't believe that i've had 3 horrible cases of "bad luck" or chromosomal flukes. Thank you!

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RE: 3rd Early Miscarriage in 1 year - No Explanation Posted on: Jul 6, 2017 at 12:44pm
This is not bad luck, at your age this should not be happening. Fill out a consult form on my website and we will schedule a free phone or skype consult with you so I can reveiew your case in detail. Im sure I can help you. Read my blog on endometriosis and CRACS as well.
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