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Reply Posted on: Nov 7, 2016 at 1:31pm
Hi, I'm currently 8 and half weeks pregnant (40 years old) with PGD tested embryo. I have borderline anti-cardiolipin IGM level 17 (in August IGM was 22), and 4G/4G genotype of the plasminogen activator. I also have elevated NK cell levels that I'm using Intralipids for. I have been on Lovenox 40mg and aspiring 81mg, but a few weeks ago I got subchronionic hematoma that I'm still recovering from. I stopped both blood thiners due to bleeding/spotting. My RE does not want me to start lovenox and aspirin again, but I'm worried about my elevated IGM levels and 4G/4G genotype causing possible blod clots.Do you think I need these medications? I had one prior miscarriage (not sure if it was due to chromosomal issue or other things).

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RE: 4G/4G plasminogen activator Posted on: Nov 8, 2016 at 6:28am
I cant give you advice as you are not my pateint, but in my patients I might stop the lovenox for a couple of days, but then always restart it as I do think it is important to have in patients with APA. I would just not restart the baby asa. Again you must follow the advice of your doctor.
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