5 miscarriages in a raw


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Reply Posted on: Jan 31, 2016 at 6:47pm
Dr. Braverman,

I had 2 missed misscarriages at around 6 weeks after seeing a heartbeat. 1 miscarriages at around 5-6 weeks ( started bleeding and miscarried), and 2 chemical. So 5 misscariages within 2 years. I have never been pregnant before and dont have any kids.

I had 4 natural IUI done with frozen donor sperm and the last one i did with clomid to try to get a better egg. all the tests that my RE does for RPL came back normal. I got pregnant 4 times after a second try on IUI (no drugs or trigger shots). And the last time when we did the medicated cycle with clomid and hcg trigger shot, I got pregnant from the first time. We changed the sperm and had 3 different donor sperms for our 5 pregnancies, hoping to eliminate the sperm problem.

I dont know what to do and what to think any more. I just can not believe that at 32 yaers old i have such a bad egg quality (first time i was pregnant at 30). My ovarian reserve tested great and all the rest of the tests were very normal.

RE is suggesting that it is chromosomal and wants us to do IVF with pgs.

Do you think i could have some other problems like immune or blood clotting? And could there really be chromosomal issues 5 times in a raw at my age?

My husband had a vasactomy, that is why i had to do IUI to get pregnant. Can it be a frozen sperm problem?

What would you recomend doing, going through IVF with pgs or try more clotting and immune testing?

Thank you very much.

Dr. Braverman

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RE: 5 miscarriages in a raw Posted on: Feb 2, 2016 at 1:13pm
this is very likely not a male factor. You need to call me so we can discuss your case, fill out a consult form on the website the initial consulattion is free. See my blog on pateints with 5 or more miscarriages. In my practice 80% of these patients leave here with a baby.
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