Coenzyme Q10 improves egg and embryo quality in women including those age 35 and older!

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 25-October-2018

An article recently published in the journal Antioxidant confirmed the positive impact that Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplementation has during an IVF cycle on improving oocyte maturity and quality thus increasing women’ fertility, especially in those age 35 and older.

During oocyte and follicle development, the intra-follicular microenvironment (follicular fluid) undergoes various modulations resulting from somatic-germ cell interactions.

The follicular fluid composition has a direct impact on the growing follicle and on the maturation of the oocyte (egg), with ageing-associated oxidative stress impairing egg maturation and quality (1).

The follicular fluid contains lipoproteins (proteins associated with lipids) supporting follicle development and their oxidized (inactive) form increases with age as well as in obese patients (2).

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that you naturally produce and that fuels your cells’ growth and activity.

It is an essential component of the mitochondrial electron transport chain involved in energy (ATP) production (3), further it has critical anti-oxidant properties (4) by inhibiting lipid peroxidation and DNA oxidation.

CoQ10 levels decrease with age in a similar way than fertility decreases, or the rate of embryo aneuploidy increases (5). This may suggest the key contribution of reduced CoQ10 levels to ovarian aging and impaired oocyte maturation (6).

In this article, the authors investigated the effects of Coenzyme Q10 supplementation on infertile women undergoing IVF cycles, focusing on follicular fluid Coq10 content and its impact on oocyte quality, fertilization rate and embryo quality with no follow up on pregnancy outcome.

Women included in the study were either placed on CoQ10 supplementation (200mg/day for 30-35 days prior to the ovum pick up during the IVF cycle) or left untreated as controls.

Results showed:

  • a 3-fold increase in CoQ10 levels in the follicular fluid of women supplemented as compared to the controls (in its active reduced form)
  • the CoQ10 increase is even more pronounced in older patients (35 and older) as compared to younger patients (35)
  • higher levels of CoQ10 were found in the follicle fluid of follicles containing at least one oocyte as compared to empty follicle (from which an oocyte was not recovered)
  • the percentage of oxidized CoQ10 was significantly lower in women supplemented with CoQ10 (showing the conversion from an oxidized inactive form to a reduced active form)
  • 88% of mature oocyte were successfully fertilized in the CoQ10 group versus 74% in the control group.
  • Higher rate of high-quality embryos in the CoQ10 group as compared to the controls: grade I (82% vs. 60%), grade II (18% vs. 25%), grade III (0% vs.15%)

    Many studies have previously shown the benefits of CoQ10 in restoring oocyte mitochondrial function and fertility in aging animal models (7) as described here or in young women with low ovarian reserve as reported in one of our blogs.

    Another study (8) including IVF-ICSI patients between 35-43 years old treated with either 600mg CoQ10 or equivalent dose of placebo for 2 months prior and during their IVF cycle further showed a slight improvement in clinical pregnancy rate (33% vs. 26.7% for the control group).

    Altogether, these results are supportive of the usage of CoQ10 as a supplement in women fertility.

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