Methyl-Optimize: Cocktail of Methylated Folate and essential B vitamins to improve your fertility is now available!

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 26-July-2018

Methyl-Optimize is the latest product of our dietary supplement range

Our Methyl-Optimize supplement contains methylated folate that benefits patients with detrimental MTHFR polymorphism such as MTHFR 677C/T and/or MTHFR 1298A>C reducing MTHFR activity.

Methylated folate intake (5 methyltetrahydrofolate: 5mTHF also known as active folate or folinic acid) is a key component in supporting your fertility and pregnancy. Normal MTHFR activity is crucial to maintain adequate levels of circulating folate and methionine and to prevent the accumulation of homocysteine (a toxic amino acid with dramatic effects on the quality of your oocyte or semen).

It is true that women experiencing fertility issues are more likely to carry at least one of these mutations. It is also true that in infertile men, there is a higher prevalence for MTHFR 677 TT or for the double heterozygous 677 CT/A1298 AC

Adequate folate intake during pregnancy is crucial and support essential and multiple processes including DNA synthesis and methylation, two processes involved in the regulation of gene expression. If DNA synthesis and/or methylation (epigenetic events) are altered in utero, this could affect gene expression thus impacting fetal development and that could modulate the fetal susceptibility to various diseases.

In addition, Methyl-Optimize contains essential B vitamins (B2+B6+B12) which hold great potential in reducing oxidative stress, supporting adequate homocysteine metabolism and methylation process thus counteracting oxidative damage on both oocyte and semen and as a result Methyl-Optimize may boost your fertility!

Methyl-Optimize: a key actor to help improve your fertility

Methyl-Optimize is now available for purchase online.
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