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We are a couple of approximately forty years. For the last five we tried to get pregnant. We spend many dozens of thousands of dollar doing many IVFs. We have never got a positive beta HCG, despites transfer five days CGH biopsied good quality embryos and always doing endometrial scratch. Our local IVF clinic in Brazil has about 70% pregnancy rate per embryo transferred. After transfer many embryos, it was clear to us that we have a problem not related to embryo quality.

We look for all the best Brazilian immunological reproductive specialists and they asked dozens of exams (Hysteroscopy, Natural Killer Cell Activation, Autoimmune and Alloimmunity diseases and so many others). We tried so many times prednisone, LIT, IvIg and lots of others medications without any success.

However, searching the internet we found Dr. Braverman. We send him an email explaining our case and he answered in five minutes. He emphasized that the best way to procedure is do a full immunological panel in order to get a complete understanding of my wife’s immunological system. Like everybody, we tried to send him many exams and asked for an immediate diagnostic. Believe me; he knows what he is doing when he ask for a complete immunological panel instead of trying to guess the solution from partial exams. Besides of to view the big picture, he can compare yours case with the database he has of all other related cases in order to be very precise in discovery what is going on build the correct treatment.

After being convinced to do the complete immunological panel, we tried to ship our blood from Brasil. Sadly, the bureaucracy made our blood to take about a week in order to get to United States and we did not feel safe it was good for being analyzed (this is not a problem to many of others countries). Therefore, we decided to travel to United States in order to do there our blood work! This was one of the best decision of our entire life.

After the Dr. Braverman analyzed the results, he did a protocol using the famous Neupogen and other drugs. I think you already know the result. A positive of more the three hundred in the first beta HCG exam. My wife is now ending the first trimester of pregnancy and we believe everything will be fine from now on. During all the time, the Dr. Braverman was surprisingly fast in answering our doubts and giving us orientations. He is not just the best; he is also polite and kind. Believe me; if you have a reproductive immunological problem, he is the person that can help you.

We will be forever grateful for his help.

Thanks again Dr. Braverman!

David and Janaina


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RE: A DREAM COME TRUE Posted on: Dec 14, 2015 at 1:57am
http://www.yelp.com/biz/eric-braverman-md-new-york I saw his information here

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RE: A DREAM COME TRUE Posted on: Dec 14, 2015 at 2:25pm
Dr. Eric Braverman is not related to me or to my practice in any way. Many patients over the years have confused us because of the same last name. If you were concerned therefore about any negative posts about him, this does not relate to me. Thank you for watching.
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