Getting Pregnant After a Blighted Ovum

What causes a blighted ovum and how can I prevent it?

A blighted ovum, also referred to as an embryonic pregnancy, occurs when a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine wall but the embryo does not develop. Many times this occurs due to chromosomal problems, as the body, detecting the problems, does not attempt to continue the pregnancy because the embryo will not develop into a healthy baby. But sometimes the embryo is healthy and the uterine environment is the cause of poor development and implantation. Most of these are detected early in the first trimester and in most cases result in a natural miscarriage. A D&C is useful to determine if the loss was due to genetic abnormalities and should be requested from your doctor. Many women have suffered from multiple miscarriages or blighted ovum’s, and should be evaluated to determine what may be the underlying cause. There are treatment options that could successfully address the condition and allow for a healthy pregnancy.

Testing can be done to help to determine the cause of a blighted ovum, as it is not the same in every case. As mentioned, genetic defects may be responsible, and abnormal cell division or poor quality egg or sperm may be involved. In certain cases, hormone levels, clotting problems and immune problems are identified as the cause through testing. Especially in cases of multiple miscarriages, it is vital to discover the specific issue in your individual case in order to allow for an effective treatment program to be devised. Dr. Braverman and our entire team utilize thorough diagnostic testing so we can determine how to best help you. We will explain the results of the tests, answer your questions and discuss your treatment options.

Treating Early Pregnancy Failure & Preventing Miscarriage

When you undergo treatment at our clinic, you receive personalized attention throughout the entire process. The doctor will consult with you directly, and then liaise with our team to finalize your treatment program before going over it with you and answering any questions you have. Our team continues to monitor you throughout your pregnancy as we are committed to doing all we can to help you achieve success with your family.

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