Braverman Patient Writes Article About IVF for The New York Times

Posted By Dr. Braverman || 20-Mar-2015

A patient of Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology recently wrote an article regarding her experience with IVF and her long journey to pregnancy. The article - After I.V.F.: Pregnant but Still Stuck in the Past - is written by Amy Klein and was published on Tuesday, March 17.

In the article, Klein discusses her stressful three year journey, which included 10 doctors, 9 rounds of fertility treatments, overseas genetic tests, two egg donors, and multiple miscarriages (four to be exact). She also voices her anxiety with her latest pregnancy, likening her current state to "IVF PTSD."

Klein goes on to cite the reassurances of Dr. Braverman - cited as "the doctor" and a "miracle worker" - and his advice to "not think about the past, only the future."

The article is a tremendous example of the complexities involved in the journey toward pregnancy, especially after multiple miscarriages and failed attempts. Dr. Braverman and our entire team are proud to play a role in her journey and encourage anyone interested to read Amy's article.

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