Braverman Reproductive Immunology Welcomes Dr. Nadéra Mansouri-Attia

Posted By Dr. Braverman || 5-Aug-2014

Braverman Reproductive Immunology is very excited to announce the newest addition to our Research Department, Nadéra Mansouri-Attia, Ph.D. Dr. Mansouri-Attia will function as a Research Associate and Immunologist, and support Dr. Braverman and our current research staff Dr. Ritsick and Cassidy Bonner in the continued advancements in diagnosis and treatment for immune related complications of pregnancy.

Dr. Mansouri-Attia joins our team with an impressive background. She was educated at the finest French Universities, receiving her Master of Science cum Laude in Reproductive Physiology from University Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, focusing on female reproduction, before earning her Ph.D. summa cum Laude in reproductive Physiology and Development from University Paris-Sud School's of Medicine, Paris XI.

During her Ph.D., Dr. Mansouri-Attia focused her research on analyzing feto-maternal crosstalk and the impact of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as In Vitro Fertilization-Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET) on pregnancy outcomes using innovative technologies to analyze global transcriptomatic data. Her work brought novel insight in the control of embryo implantation and was the first is the world to introduce a very important concept to reproductive medicine – the active role of the endometrium as a biosensor when confronted to the embryo.

Dr. Mansouri-Attia's knowledge and use of animal models to study reproductive pathologies will contribute to the development of future therapies for women. She wishes to contribute to the development of tailored strategies to fight the increasing burden of immune related pregnancy complications and is well-published in the field. We could not be more excited that she has chosen to join our team at Braverman Reproductive Immunology!

You can read more about Dr. Mansouri-Attia on our About Us page.

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