Case Report success after 15 failed IVF cycles

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 24-Sep-2010

A case report has been published in a patient that had failed 15 IVF cycles 2 of them from donor egg and those were from different donors. She was found to have endometriosis , mild, but all other work up was normal.

For this cycle she was found to have elevated NK activity and NK numbers. These were corrected but the patient still failed her 14th and 15th IVF cycles. At this point Enoxapairn, (lovenox), viagra, and Etanercept(like Humira) was added and patient finally had a successful pregnancy.

It appears again that in cases of failed therapy , combination therapy that addresses clotting, uterine lining, and immune issues works better together when independantly they have failed.

I have had similar success in one of our patients that had failed 18 IVF cycles prior to contacting us , and also failed IVIG treatments. When we combined lovenox, intralipids and a new agent called Colony Granulocyte Stimulating Factor(a cytokine that assists with production of tolerogenic dendritic cells and cell proliferation) she has finally acheived success for the first time.

Combination therapy should not be the first line of attack with immune issues but does show benefit when there are failures as highlighted by these two cases that clearly had significant issues prior to treatement.

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