Emotional & Physical Stress Causing Miscarriage

Can stress affect your pregnancy?

Although it can be hard to quantify, there is a well-documented relationship between stress and medical problems, including complications with the immune system. When the body detects stress, a chain reaction begins regarding the immune system, which can ultimately lead to immune rejection. This can result in miscarriages as the body refuses to support an embryo even after successful conception. It is therefore vital that any factors causing significant stress in your life be monitored and adjusted as much as possible to reduce the effect of this factor. This should be done if no other physical causes of miscarriage can be found but should also be done concurrent with any other treatments where other issues have been identified as this will support that treatment and may enhance its results.

Reproductive Immunology Helping Prevent Pregnancy Loss

While we can direct patients to consider this area of their lives, we also take pride in the atmosphere we create for patients while undergoing treatment with our team. We would hope patients report a much less stressful experience at our clinic than they usually experience while being treated at other medical facilities. Each of us understand the emotions involved in such an intimate and potentially life-changing process and feel strongly about supporting you through this journey. You will never be seen as just another case and we will happily take the time to answer your questions and help you in whatever way we can. Dr. Braverman and the team at our clinic have all been working with Reproductive Immunology for at least 20 years. This level of dedication is due to our sincere desire to help families achieve their dreams for more children and we take great joy from seeing this occur for those with whom we are working.

For caring guidance through the process of treatment to achieve a successful pregnancy, contact Dr. Jeffery Braverman from Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology.