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I have a question about your supplements. In doing some research I found info that suggested using Turmeric and coq10 at higher doses than the supplement contains, is there any harm to me adding on some extra coq10 and Turmeric? I was going to add on coq10 to equal a total of 300mg/day and Turmeric to equal a total of 1800mg a day (including what's in your supplement).

I also wanted to find out if it was safe to add on Vit C 500mg, Vit E 200 IU, Vit B12 1200mcg, Vit B6 100mg, Maca 500mg, Royal Jelly 1000mg, Vitamin D3 2000 IU, L-Arginine 1000mg BID, a fish oil supplement, and of course a prenatal vitamin. I don't mind taking all of these if they might help. My goal right now is to improve egg quality as my last IVF failed (7 embryos, two transferred with no pregnancy and the other 5 stopped growing the day after transfer) and my RE thinks it might be related to poor egg quality.


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RE: Endo optimize Posted on: Jun 13, 2017 at 6:23am
see the post just below yours, you dont need anything more than what we put in our supplement. We have excellent results. However I also prescribe Vit D based on your Vit D levels and omega 3 based on your omega 6/3 ratio and omega 3 index. If you cant get these tested I would start Vit D 2000 as you are doing and 4000mg per day of omega 3.
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