Endometrial scratch, cytokines and vaginal thrush...


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Reply Posted on: Jan 28, 2016 at 9:17am
Dear Dr Braverman,

Happy new year!

As you may remember from my previous post about humira, I have high cytokines (TNFa) and killer cells. I am being treated by two clinics - one to do ICSI and the other for the immune issues. The one that is doing the ICSI (which doesn't believe that immune issues affect fertility) has suggested that I have an endometrial scratch prior to the cycle. Is this a good idea or will it set my cytokines and killer cells off in the wrong, ie, upward direction?

Also, I am currently dealing with recurring thrush (as of a few months), which I have tried and failed to treat with various Canesten products and am now hoping that strong probiotics will help. Although I know this is not a healthy state to be in, does this affect fertility?

Thanks for your help.