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Reply Posted on: Nov 20, 2016 at 12:41am
Hi there

Great to find this site and yourself.

I have a question for you - we have just done our first FET cycle - after multiple miscarriages including fresh cycles. They couldn't find the reason and no tissue available to test post miscarriage. Embryos (3 transferred looked v good at day 5).

I then did a natural FET cycle and on day 21 it showed that my oestrodiol had dropped quite significantly. I was almost at point of transfer and they cancelled it.

We we then moved to a medicated FET and all has gone well - transfer yesterday - but I'm concerned that this oestrodiol drop will play out in this cycle and reduced the levels of oestrodiol in my system as I'm taking 8mg Progenova daily but this could reduce if my natural oestrogen plummets again.

My question is that this strange oestrodiol drop (found in the post ovulation/leutal phase) may be contributing to my multiple miscarriages and I would like to stop it playing out again in this cycle. I have a blood test on Mon - should I ask for this level to be tested? How to I keep an eye on this? What do you think?

Also post transfer - I have v poor circulation - how to I support this? Improve this so blood gets to the uterus?

Thanks v much for your help on this


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RE: Estradiol after FET Posted on: Nov 20, 2016 at 10:01am
It is unlikely this is the cause of your losses. You need to have a full immune workup to identify the cause. I hm happy to help you with your case, just fill out a consult form on the website and we will schedule a free phone or SKYPE call to discuss your case in detail.
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