Failed IVF and Miscarriage

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Cycles: Implantation Failure

Failed IVF cycles may also be referred to as implantation failure, as even though viable embryos were produced, they failed to properly implant in the uterus. This then leads to the loss of the embryo. If you have had multiple miscarriages after several IVF treatments, we can evaluate your situation to identify the underlying condition and seek out the best possible treatment to help you resolve the condition. There are many reasons why these issues may occur, including both non-immune causes and immunologic causes. Some examples of these reasons for multiple miscarriages include:

  • Mother suffering from thrombosis and the abnormal clotting of the blood;
  • Undiagnosed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS);
  • Immune errors which cause antibodies to attack the embryo or its support systems;
  • Failure of the body to establish immune tolerance for the embryo;
  • Failure of immune processes to stimulate inflammation in the uterine lining to assist implantation;
  • Uterine infection which causes the immune system to attack the area; and
  • Certain previous IVF stimulation protocols used on the mother

Discuss Your Options to Prevent Miscarriage

Our clinic genuinely cares about helping people with their fertility issues in cases of multiple miscarriages and failed IVF treatments. The doctor will then consult with you again, explaining the process and answering your questions.We will monitor you throughout the treatment phase, which should result in a pregnancy brought to term. We then continue to follow up with you to see you are taking all needed steps and to monitor the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy and guide it toward successful completion. If you have had several failed IVF treatments that have ended in miscarriages, we can help.If you live in NYC or are able to travel to our office, Dr. Braverman can speak with you in person. If you live out of state, we can offer you a brief consult free of charge.

Contact Dr. Jeffery Braverman for treatments to pursue a successful pregnancy after multiple miscarriages and failed IVF treatments.