Grieving for the Lives Lost in Newtown, Connecticut

Posted By Dr. Braverman || 18-Dec-2012

Like everyone else in the country, I am in shock over the loss of the beautiful little children and the teachers who tried to protect them during the senseless shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. As a reproductive immunologist, I feel very close to the emotions of my patients as they try to conceive their first child or grieve lost pregnancies. And yet – many of the families in Newtown felt that they had already overcome these difficulties and were free to enjoy their lives. How could they possibly imagine that, after enduring whatever it took to start a family, it could be so easily lost? I am numb at this point. All that I can do to honor their memory is continue to protect those lives and babies that are in my trust and pray for healing among the families in Newtown who have suffered these losses.

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