Ground Breaking IVF and Surgery Refund Program

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 15-Aug-2016

Ground Breaking IVF and Surgery Refund Program

Braverman Reproductive Immunology is pleased to introduce our SIMPLE IVF and Surgery Guarantee Program. Our practice maintains an excellent record of success with a wide variety of complicated cases.

We are now prepared to guarantee our outcomes with our new Refund Program, which is unlike any other offered in the field of IVF. Other centers cannot and will not accept patients into their programs that WE WILL. The reason is simple, only Braverman Reproductive Immunology has had a high rate of success with these cases due to our unique knowledge of the immune system and how it relates to pregnancy failure and our surgical expertise that is world renowned.

There is no other center in the world with our kind of knowledge and we continue to be the leaders in Reproductive Immunology.

Now we will prove it!

Our Collaboration Guarantee /Refund Program is now available to patients that perform their cycles at collaborating centers. We will give a refund in the event that you are not successful with our immune management program. It's SIMPLE!

Our IVF Guarantee/Refund Program is for patients that do not have insurance that covers our services. We will accept patients that most other Refund Programs Exclude. It's SIMPLE. We will give a refund in the event you are not successful with our program.

Patients must agree to follow our treatment recommendations. If our recommendations deem that laparoscopy or other surgery is necessary, your surgery must be performed by our surgeons. If the patient is out of pocket for this cost, the out of pocket expenses for the physician's surgical fee will be refunded in full as long as you have not become successfully pregnant within the four (4) transfers required with our program.

If our treatment protocol requires immune therapy, we will (in addition to the surgery and IVF refund) refund patients back up to $5,000 dollars to help cover the costs of that therapy if they are not successful with our program.


  • Uterine Abnormalities
  • Inability to Appropriately Thicken Lining (7mm and Three layered)(
  • Cannot Produce at Least One Egg Per Stimulation Cycle
  • Severe Male Factor
  • Genetic Abnormalities (translocations) in Patient or Spouse (exceptions made)
  • Must Not be Past 41st Birthday at the Time of Last Egg Retrieval
  • Exceptions Made for Exclusions. Each Case Will be Reviewed by Dr. Braverman.

This program includes as many IVF cycles as necessary to result in a minimum of four (4) Transfers.

For patients that have met published criteria for another centers refund program and were accepted by that program, we will honor it at our single cycle fee! With a full Refund Guarantee! We understand other centers will accept you into their "Refund Programs" if you have few reasons for your failures. Which means, you did not need the refund program in the first place.

Once pregnant, patients will be automatically enrolled in our Pregnancy Management Program at no further expense. Our experienced medical team will follow your care for your entire pregnancy in conjunction with your Obstetrician.

Financing is available through New Life Agency or SpringStone Loans. Click here for More Information on our Website.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Medical Team to discuss ourIVF and Surgical Guarantee Program Today!

We look forward to working with you!

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