Homozygous (Exact) HLA DQ Alpha Matches Can Succeed

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 20-Jul-2012

So many patients call me or post on our website that they have been told if they have an "exact" or homozygous HLA DQ alpha match (especially a 4.1) that they would need a surrogate and could not carry a pregnancy.

I have continuously posted that this is not true. We have gone through our 2010 data and found that of the ten patients that had a homozygous DQ alpha match (including 4.1) with our treatments eight of those patients went on to have a baby!!

I want to make clear that this is a situation that can be successfully treated without the use of a surrogate. The two patients that did not have a baby had egg quality issues, and were, therefore, not able to make a quality embryo for transfer.

Yes, HLA matching is an issue without treatment, and the number of matches is more important than homozygous matching (except as we have found, on the HLA C), but most cases can be successfully treated.

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