Intra Uterine cytokines and implantation. Another tool

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 19-Oct-2010

There is new literature that has looked at the cytokine levels in the uterine cavity as an adjunct to the peripheral blood levels. Among them are LIF(leukemic inhibiting factor) and IL-18 and there are direct associations between these levels and the success of implantation at IVF cycles. The causes of the fluctuations were not discussed and are most likely related to the many immune issues we discuss on the website, but it is another tool to assess those most likely to benefit from treatment.

Collection will be a simple saline wash of the uterine cavity with a catheter the size of what we use to do inseminations. We are working with our lab now to set up the proper assays so we can begin to look more closely at the uterine environment and how the cytokine and protein levels are affecting implantation and miscarriages.

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