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Reply Posted on: Jan 8, 2016 at 4:28am
Hi Dr Braverman

Hope you are well.

Question about the LAD test.

After 2 LIT treatment plus other immune medications (Intralipids on CD7 and on BFP, 25mg Prednisone on BFP increased to 40mg when I had a sore throat, Cyclogest on BFP, and Clexane from CD7) I finally got pregnant again but miscarried at 5 weeks over the Christmas holiday. Not sure if it’s now due to poor eggs (PCO) or Chromosome abnormalities or it all could still be due to my immune issues.

I had 2 LIT treatments in November 2015 3 weeks apart. 1st LIT on the 6th of Nov and 2nd LIT on the 27th of Nov. Then found out I was pregnant on the 14th of December 2015, but had my miscarriage on the 22nd of December 2015. I was meant to test 3 weeks after the 2nd LIT but was away on our Christmas holiday.

Just had my test done on Monday the 4th of Jan 2016 and my LAD results has come back very low compared to the first initial test I did. My question is are they very low because of my recent miscarriage or it’s purely that the 2 paternal LIT treatments I had didn’t work. Please bear in mind that since I didn’t retest before my miscarriage happened am not sure if the LIT worked.

First Test

T Cells - IgM 2.7%

T Cells - IgG 59.6%

B Cells - IgM 1.0%

B Cells - IgG 9.5%

After 2 LIT result - is this purely low due to my recent miscarraige?

T Cells - IgM 2%

T Cells - IgG 3.3%

B Cells - IgM 3.2%

B Cells - IgG 1.5%

Also I read a post about your drug called Endo Optimize for egg quality . Can you ship this to the UK. if you can can i [email protected]

Thanks in advance for your help!

BTW, this message board is amazing! I've been reading through it and have learned so much!

Dr. Braverman

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RE: LAD TEST & Endo Optimize for egg quality Question Posted on: Jan 8, 2016 at 6:34am
I am so sorry for your losses. If you read my blogs you will see I find no value in LAD testing or LIT therapy at all. I think there is clearly something else going on here that you have not found yet. I suggest you set up a free phone consult with me (fill out a consult form on the website) and we can reveiw your case in detail.

Yes we can ship you the supplements , and yes email Judy at [email protected]
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Reply RE: LAD TEST & Endo Optimize for egg quality Question Posted on: Jan 8, 2016 at 7:13am
Hi Dr Braverman,

many thanks for your quick response.

I have filled out the online consultation form and i have also emailed judy. Looking forward to hearing from you.