Male Factors in Recurring Pregnancy Loss

Even if a patient has successfully conceived but has then experienced a miscarriage, it may be a condition within the male partner that is causing the pregnancy complications. The count and shape of the sperm should be tested for and can reveal the actual issue that requires treatment. In many cases of abnormal sperm shape (or morphology), there is defective or fragmented DNA which can lead to pregnancy but abnormal development and loss of the embryo. Additionally, stress to the sperm head due to oxidative damage can lead to poor fertilization.

New research shows that there are certain chemicals in seminal fluid that help to suppress the maternal immune system to keep it from attacking the embryo. Deficiencies in this chemical can thus lead to multiple miscarriages. Another male condition which can cause recurrent miscarriages is that of an excessively elevated sperm count. Additionally, some men – and also some women – carry an abnormal gene known as a polymorphism, which can lead to the production abnormal chemicals or hormones by the embryo( or mother) and in turn can also lead to miscarriage.

Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage

If you have suffered miscarriages and have not been able to find the cause or obtain effective treatment, contact Dr. Braverman and our medical team. One of the first things we will do is test semen count and shape (semen analysis) and screen for all the male issues known to affect a pregnancy. Unfortunately, many of these are overlooked until a patient comes to see us but fortunately we are able to detect them and offer treatments. Polymorphisms are newly discovered phenomena but we will soon also have the ability to test for all of these in both men and women. Our clinic works with patients worldwide and will always make the extra effort to serve you as we are committed to using Reproductive Immunology to help you and your family.

If you have been unable to successfully complete a pregnancy, it is important to look at the male factors. For help, please contact Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology today.