My success story continued


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Reply Posted on: Apr 9, 2015 at 12:28pm
Some of you may have read “MY SUCCESS STORY” well this is the continuation of that success story..My daughter was born in April 2011 after 18 IVF's and 8 years of trying to conceive. We decided when she was 18 months to started trying to conceive again. We didn’t know how long it would take the 2nd time around and if we could even fall pregnant again. So at the end of 2012 we used our frozen embryo’s from my daughters cycle and followed exactly the same protocol with Neupogen. This attempt was unsuccessful.This time around we were having issues building a thick enough uterine lining. This was never a problem before but it now was an additional obstacle. In February 2013 we did a fresh IVF cycle. Unbeknown to me at the time this would be the last IVF I would ever be able to do as it ended with the loss of both of my ovaries. Everything went smoothly with the egg retrieval but due to unexplained complications I started to bleed internally after the egg retrieval. After a number of blood transfusions over 2 days the doctors were still unable to stop the bleeding. They felt at this point the only option was to operate. We knew there was a chance I may lose one of my ovaries but not both. It was my life or my ovaries. Tragically as a result of the operation I lost both of my ovaries. So on 14th February 2013 I was told that both ovaries had been lost during the operation and I was in surgical menopause. As shocking as this news was there was still light at the end of the tunnel, we were blessed with perfect embryos from this IVF cycle.So after months of recovery we started trying to conceive again with the added obstacles of uterine lining issues and now no ovaries which means all hormones would have to be artificial.All through the journey of losing my ovaries and trying to conceive againDr. Braverman was there. He never let me lose hope that I could successfully fall pregnant again and gave me hope when it seemed there was none.After trying various treatments which didn’t work to thicken my uterine lining Dr. Braverman suggested HCG injections together with the same Neupogen protocol we followed with my first pregnancy. This worked wonders and I got good lining. So we went ahead with the frozen embryo transfer almost exactly one year after these precious embryos had been frozen. 10 days later I got the most amazing news I was pregnant.Dr Braverman was there, just an email away throughout my attempts to get a good uterine lining and throughout my pregnancy.On the 24th October 2014 I gave birth to a perfect baby boy, our 2nd Miracle baby.We could not have done this without Dr. Braverman guiding us through this process again. He never gave up on us. He was the greatest source of hope and encouragement.So although it seemed we had every obstacle in our way, today we have 2 beautiful miracle babies all because of Dr. Braverman believing in me and thinking out of the box as he does so successfully.

Thank you Dr. Braverman for helping us create our family. We love you!


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RE: My success story continued Posted on: Aug 27, 2015 at 10:39am
What a wonderful story and congrats to you and your growing family! We too have a baby girl all because of Dr. B, his staff, testing and Neupogen (along with a long list of other medications). We are now working on Baby No. 2 with his office and hope for the same success! Congrats!