Natural Supplements as Treatments for RPL and Egg Quality

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 29-Sep-2010

Over the last several years, we have successfully incorporated the use of natural supplements into our treatments for immune related recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), as well as, egg quality issues. Three years ago, I would have seriously doubted that I would ever be promoting supplements, but the literature has caught up. While supplements use to be merely an anecdotal treatment, their mechanisms of action are better understood and we have seen significant improvement in both RPL and egg quality.

Specific Examples Of Supplements’ Mechanism Of Action

Most of my patients are familiar with the fact omega 3 fish oil has similar properties to INtralipids and a similar mechanism of action. This has been a great supplement for patients with elevated NK activity and elevated TNF levels as it lowers both. Antioxidants, mostly the flavanoids, are proven also to lower TNF and reduce ROS (reactive oxygen species), both of which can have a profound effect on egg quality, as well as, immune related pregnancy loss. Melatonin has been proven in recent literature to assist in egg quality improvement and to decrease immune related premature ovarian failure. Lastly, the 'greens' formulas, with wheat grass being the most promoted, have also been shown to have a profound effect on egg quality.

The Importance Of Doctor Oversight

I have worked with Dr. Myatt a well-known naturopathic physician who has made these products for years, and we compiled all the literature that supports the use of these supplements. The supplements along with the literature we have compiled is available at along with instructions on use.

Most of my patients have been on some form of these supplements whether purchased on this site (I have no financial involvement) or at a local vitamin store, but they are great additions to our treatments, and we have a vast amount of experience in prescribing them. It is important to note that over use of some supplements can actually detract from success and all uses should be reviewed with me prior to treatment.

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