Neupogen Success after years of "Unexplained"


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Reply Posted on: Feb 10, 2015 at 5:37am
I have to say that this post is well overdue and I have been waiting for the right time to express my true appreciation for the work that Dr. Braverman does for women around the country and world. I came to Dr. Braverman in 2013 after 3 IUI, clomic, you name it, 3 failed IVF's , perfect cycles, but always ended with a Negative that was "unexplained." I tried everything holistically, then back to fertility and never knew what was wrong. One day my local Fertility Specialist mentioned "killer cells" (which I had no clue what they were) and he had me tested. Finally, something, I had elevated killer cells (yes, I was super happy to have something wrong) and we immediately did a frozen transfer with interlipids- failed! I was again devastated. I started googling and found Dr. Braverman's site. I immediatley set up a phone consult, then did extensive testing and visited his office in NY where everyone was so nice and caring. After meeting with Dr. B., I had my answer, it was extremely complicated and I even had to paraphrase what he had said to me because I couldn't believe it, a little HLA issues, killer cells and long story short, my body would not let it go through the process it needed to in order to allow implantation to happen (Complete Implantation Failure). I worked with Dr. B's office while I cycled in Florida and with our miracle drug Neupogen, we have our little miracle, a baby girl! She is now almost 6 months and the most amazing thing ever! I truly truly truly thought this would never happen and I express true gratitude every day for meeting Dr. B and his staff. I cannot wait to work with this office soon to try for Baby No. 2. I know we don't wish infertility on our worst enemies and frankly, its one of the most heartbreaking things to go through but please know that with Dr. B, more opportunities are out there for women like us who are fighting this battle.