NK cell cytokine production /predictor of miscarriage and preeclampsia

Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 12-Apr-2012

New literature is supporting what I have been discussing here on our website for some time. The "cytokine ratio" test or TNF/INF gamma ratio that is reported in many immunology profiles, may not give the most important information about the true cytokine production in patients with recurrent pregnancy loss.

Natural Killer cells have long been thought to be the most significant element in immune rejection of pregnancies and, more recently, even the Natural Killer T cells. Yet none of the cytokine ratios that are reported even measure the cytokine production from any of the Natural Killer cell subsets, they only measure that from the T cells in the body. Thus it is very likely we are missing a key component of information about the immune environment in relationship to not only recurrent pregnancy loss but also to risk for preeclampsia. Both of which seem to be tied to NK cell synthesis of inflammatory cytokine but not to that of the T cell cytokine production, the only cytokines that are currently measured.

We are working with immune laboratories worldwide to begin to look at these important ratios so we can better determine risks for both of these serious complications of pregnancy.

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