No better doctor than Dr. Braverman!


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Reply Posted on: Mar 29, 2015 at 5:47am
My husband and I began trying to have a baby as soon as we got married. After just one IUI we were informed that I had a very limited ovarian reserve and should proceed immediately to IVF. After seven IVF cycles (a combination of fresh and frozen transfers depending on whether we had frozen embryos), the closest I came to pregnancy was a chemical pregnancy. Finally, my well-known doctor said he wasn't sure what else to do, and told me I should see Dr. Braverman. When I called I was told there was a two month wait for consultations but due to a cancellation I could be squeezed in the next day if we could get to Long Island (a six hour drive for us). We did without hesitation and after just one month we began a fresh IVF cycle with Dr B. He wanted us to freeze all our embryos and do a frozen transfer because my body doesn't handle the inflammation from a fresh cycle very well. He also put me on an entirely new drug regime to decrease inflammation and we used IVIG. We froze eight embryos and the following month, transferred two back. Dr B himself called to tell me I was "very" pregnant with our miracle baby. It was the best day of my life and despite some ups and downs with our pregnancy, he stuck with us. I didn't want to leave him after our first trimester, but he was still available to my ob/gyn and always stayed in touch. Last August we welcomed our beautiful baby girl to the world and now we are trying to give her a sister or brother with Dr B's help. Sandra, Linda, and the entire staff are so kind and helpful, and I would have been lost without Sandra's constant support and encouragement. I truly feel so blessed and lucky to have found this amazing doctor who has changed our lives forever.