Our miracle arrived


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Reply Posted on: Sep 1, 2014 at 3:23am
Thank you for helping us to achieve our dream Dr. Braverman! I never dreamed that I would be leaving this thank you a little over a year after our first visit.

After 3.5 yrs of trying about 9 unsuccessful (fresh & frozen) IVF attempts I was coaxed to see Dr Braverman. We had been told by other Dr's that we should just try Donor Eggs or Adoption and after making peace with that decision we had 2 more attempts of IVF left that were covered. I had basically given up hope, until I had my first consult with Our Medical Team. I had been diagnosed with stage 4 Endometriosis in 2002 and had 4 difficult surgeries in my 20's. I was told it would be difficult to get pregnant but I was not expecting it would have been as hard of a journey as it was for us. I wished that I had found Dr. Braverman sooner. All my doctors would not do another endometriosis sugery because of how much adhesions and problems I had they said the risk outweighed the benefit. Sometimes doing surgery to remove the Endometriosis is recommended for a better results but in my case we had another obstacle to work around. Dr. Braverman had figured out my problem on the 1st attempt and only did half of an IVF cycle, with a little trouble shooting. He was the only Dr that was looking at every option for my specific issues and not treating me like a cookie cutter case where everyone gets the same text book treatment as I had received in the past. Dr Braverman froze all my embryos he retrieved from my one ovary and we waited until everything was perfect to put them in. It only took two attempts at FET. This is not typical in my past experience he was trying to help us save time, money and our precious embryos. After our second FET we got pregnant for the first time. It was truly a miracle. I did not mind changing my diet, taking supplements, going to acupuncture, trying different approaches because Dr Braverman knows what he is doing. I trust him and highly recommend him to anyone having issues. Don't give up hope just call Dr.Braverman if anyone can give you the best results for a positive outcome it would be him. Thank you again!