Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis

A Role in Gender Selection and Genetic Diagnosis

The process by which medical procedures are conducted on embryos prior to implantation is known as embryo screening or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD or PIGD). In some instances, these types of procedures can also be performed on oocytes prior to fertilization. Like any parent, those wishing to become pregnant have the same hopes for the health and wellbeing of their soon-to-be child. As such, taking steps to become pregnant through methods such as in vitro fertilization may be supplemented with the additional medical procedure of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, a service which Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology personally provides to interested patients.

The Benefits of Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis

The screening and diagnostic processes of pre-implantation methods call for medical procedures which search for and identify embryos considered to be at risk. The screening process involves testing potentially at-risk embryos for genetic conditions that could lead to the future disease of a child. No symptoms of disease exist which can be tested and identified at the embryonic stage; however, we can assess the genetic, anatomical, and physiological conditions of embryos to determine the potential of disease, illness, or deformity.

For many, PGD testing is highly advantageous as it systematically avoids the possibility of selective pregnancy termination. When embryos at risk of genetic diseases are screened out, there is a much smaller possibility that the unborn baby will be lost at any point during the pregnancy. Gender selection can also be addressed under the medical implementation of PGD testing for those who are seeking family balancing.

IVF Doctor Specializing in PGD

PGD substantially improves the chances for successful pregnancy in couples who may be at risk of passing on inherited genetic diseases to their children. Dr. Braverman has acknowledged the benefits of this form of treatment and its appeal to individuals who may be struggling with infertility or second-guessing their decision to reproduce. As such, he and his team have extended their services to include the advanced technology and sophisticated testing methods of pre-implantation screenings.

Dr. Jeffrey Braverman has been a resource utilized by other IVF treatment centers across the nation. Some of the most complicated cases have been passed on and successfully treated under his and our practice's care, and there is no one we will ever turn away - regardless of the complexities of their infertility case. In fact, we have created a reputation within the field for taking on the cases that no one else will, as well as, those which have been deemed as failures at other clinics. The same steadfast, loyal, and reliable care we extend to our IVF patients will also be shown to those seeking PGD.

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